How to arch your eyebrows perfectly. Remember: eyebrows are sisters, not twins!!!!

Groom & Shape Brows!
Brush brows gently and tweeze along the natural brow lines. Here is how to use a pencil as a guide to create flattering arches:
Step 1
Hold a pencil upright along the sides of the nose. Your brows should align with your inner eyes. Tweeze any hairs outside of these lines.
Step 2
Angle the pencil from the tip of the nose to the middle of the irises. This is where the highest point of your brows’ arches should be.
Step 3
Angle the pencil so it touches the outer edge of the nose and intersects with the outer corner of the eyes. This is where your brows should end. Tweeze any hairs that extend past that point.

Eyebrow arch step 1

Eyebrow arch step 2

Eyebrow arch step 3


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